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Minneapolis, MN

Danielle Keller aka Lucid

Lucid is a full time illustrator by day, a webcomic artist by night, and a real life vampire by the in-between spaces of day and night. Her comics are queer with touch of magic realism. Mostly they're about boys kissing.


Read online at or purchase printed book on Lucid's storenvy

In Victorian England, a pagan sisterhood is abducting girls and making them decide between swearing devotion to their goddess or being cannibalized in their quest to reach true beauty. This story follows Lorna as she falls into the temptation of the clan. Along the way she finds love, nightmares, and the line that exists between reality and our own fantasies.

Vixen was Lucid's senior thesis at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. It is a 41 page standalone story that deals with dark themes, including the danger of beauty and the seductive nature of illusions. 

Rated 16+ for mature themes, cannibalism, and gore.