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Minneapolis, MN

Danielle Keller aka Lucid

Lucid is a full time illustrator by day, a webcomic artist by night, and a real life vampire by the in-between spaces of day and night. Her comics are queer with touch of magic realism. Mostly they're about boys kissing.

Shipping Info

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Shipping & Returns

  • Most orders will be shipped out within two weeks, possibly more depending on Lucid's convention and work schedule. (Excludes preorders.)

  • Please check that your shipping info is accurate, as returned orders can be shipped out again, but shipping costs will need to be charged again.

  • Returns are not accepted, but if the wrong item has been shipped to you, please contact Lucid at missllllucid(at)

  • Most orders come with a tracking number, but it may not always be accurate depending on your local postal system.

  • These are the estimated shipping times once your order has shipped (shipping times vary depending on location):

    • USA Media Mail: 7-9 business days (sometimes longer, Media Mail is finicky)

      • Important note on Media Mail: This shipping option is NOT for charms/stands/pins/anything that isn’t a book or print. Media Mail goes through the worst of the post office and only books and prints survive if you package them very securely. I will NOT replace any broken charms/stands/pins/etc if you select Media Mail. I try my best to package them securely, but Media Mail is the equivalent of putting your order into a cannon and aiming it at your door.

    • USA First Class: 3-7 business days

    • USA Priority: 2-3 business days

    • Canada Standard: 2-3 weeks

    • Canada Priority 1-2 weeks

    • International Standard: 2-8 weeks

    • International Priority: 1-2 weeks